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Training Capabilities

• Establish a Regional Special Operations Capability (R-SOC) that supports full

mission profile planning, training and execution.

• Provide for the conduct of realistic full scale training areas and facilities to

develop and execute Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s).

• Enable Unconventional Warfare mission planning, training and execution

with facilities and land use agreements on restricted land to support

establishment of Unconventional Warfare Operational Areas (UWOA)

and applicable mission sets.

• Establish a Technology Transition and Testing Cell (T3C) for operational equipment

testing concurrent with full spectrum mission training and execution.

Public Sector Training Areas: Special Operations Forces (SOF) - Federal Government Departments & Agencies - State, Local & Tribal Government - US Military & NATO Forces - Emergency Services - Law Enforcement - Homeland Security - Border Patrol

Private Sector Training Areas: Civilian Training - Sportsman & Shooting Sports Associations - Corporations - Non-Profit Organizations

- Veterans Organizations - Non-Governmental Organizations - Government & Defense Contractors

Academic Sector Training Areas: Universities & Colleges - Secondary Education - Adult Education Institutions - Vocational Training Programs - Youth Rehabilitation Programs

Training Facilities


• World-Renowned Urban Training Center

• Full mission profile planning, training

and execution

• Operations planning center

• Mission isolation area

• Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / live fire /

multiple target houses

• Fixed-wing / rotary-wing base operations

with hangar / drop zones

• Unimproved airfield / 4 runways

• Live air bombing range

• Laser air bombing range

• Long range known distance targetry

• Military free fall and static line drop zones

• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) training

and execution area

• Close Air Support (CAS) training area / laser

• Multiple Shooting ranges / free fire zones

• 4 x 100 indoor range / Up to .50 cal capable

• Demolition / grenade range / breaching

• Off road tactical driving / IED avoidance

• Elevated shooting platform sniper

• Underground bunkers with rail access

and truck docks

• Underground tunnels

Technology and Testing


• CATT-JPGS includes a defense contractor industrial/business park with existing businesses to support training operations such as a welding shop, diesel mechanic shop, fabrication shop, machine shop, Duke Energy and other miscellaneous businesses.


• Also CATT-JPGS has existing commercial rental buildings and land available for defense contractors and academia to manufacture and/or assemble for technology Transition and Testing Cell (T3C) for special operations equipment.


• In addition there are “build-to-suit” capabilities for new construction if existing buildings do not fit the customers’ requirements.

• CATT-JPGS also features rental facilities with rail access including underground bunkers with loading and unloading docks for rail and semi-truck.

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