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Camp Atterbury

Camp Atterbury Joint Manuever Training Center


Atterbury Range Complex

Camp Atterbury Lodging



The Atterbury Range Complex supports Active Duty and Reserve component training, as well as other federal, state and local agency training. The Joint Staff, U.S. NORTHCOM, U.S. Army North, U.S. Army Reserve units and Regional National Guard units all use the Camp Atterbury Joint Manuever Training Center facilities, along with other Military and Federal Civilian organizations.

Over 34,000 acres to include over 26,000 acres for maneuver training space with an impact area of over 6,000 acres. The Atterbury Range Complex and facilities support up to a Brigade-size element and a Division-level Warfighter exercise.


• 10,000 Bed-space Barracks

• Hotel Style Rooms/Suites

• Camp Atterbury Lodging VIP Housing

• Camp Atterbury Lodging RV Campground

• Swimming Pool

• Dining Options

• Chapel Services

• Camp Atterbury Lodging PX


• Fire Station

• First Aid Station

• Ambulance Service

• War Museum Indoor

• War Museum Outdoor

• Gymnasium / Fitness Centers

• Recreational Area and Cabins

• Barber Shop and Beauty Shop

• Off-site - Hotels - Restaurants -



• TADSS - Training Aids Devices

Simulators and Simulations

• Simulators - Ground and Air

Equipment - Cyber and Human

• Basic Marksmanship Ranges (24)

• Mounted Gunnery Ranges (4)

• Known Distance Ranges Capable

of up to 2,000m (4)

• Collective Live Fire Ranges,

Maneuver LFX (6)

• Automated Multi-purpose Range

• Demolition Ranges (Light/Heavy)

• IED Defeat Lanes (3)

• Sporting Clays / Trap

• Shooting Houses

• Shooting Towers

• Range Control

• Mock Villages - Cordon and Search,

TCP Operations, Counter IED (9)

• Gas Chamber

• Meth LABS

• Rappelling Towers

• Land Navigation Courses (4)

• Hand to Hand Combat

• PT Physical Training

• PT Obstacle Course

• Helicopters

• Ground Vehicles and Equipment

• Airfield/Airstrip

• UAS Paved Runway with Hangar

• Drops Zones (6)

• Dedicated Camp Atterbury Lodging 

• Bivouac Areas

• FOBS #1 #2 #3 |

(FOB #1 Live Fire Capable)



Military, government and civic conferences are quick and easy when group outings are planned at Camp Atterbury Joint Manuever Training Center. The Atterbury Range Complex conference center auditorium, or one of many meeting rooms at Atterbury- Muscatatuck are available to host military, government (federal, state, local) or civic conference, meeting or workshops of various sizes. Centrally located in the United States, Atterbury-Muscatatuck is easily accessed by air or roadway. Customer Service is, and always will be, the primary focus here at Atterbury Range Complex.

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